The Moody Nude album got such a nice review by Martien van Bergen (Blimey, Tupelo Honey).
Read here (in Dutch).


Have a listen to this album I’ve worked on together with Frank Zweers and Addick Kelders, arranging, recording, producing and mixing for MOODY NUDE!
Thank you, Kaulane Huisman for your amazing artwork!
Moody Nude


Last year choreographer Sjoerd Vreugdenhil asked me to arrange music for one of the end performances of The ArtEZ dance academy using Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings. It has become a very interesting mixture of some wonderful original recordings of the piece and my own composition. I can’t help wondering how the maestro himself would think of me after having completely torn apart his music, but I loved doing it nonetheless. Order your tickets here.


If you happened to be in Chicago last spring, you might have heard this one live although I guess that, just like me, you haven’t. Originally written for the Yale Memorial Carillon and now performed by Michael Sloyan on the Rockefeller carillon in Chicago. Such an honour!


Today we premiere with Quite Discontinuous in Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. With a beautiful choreography, stunning dancers, and last but not least my thrilling music this piece is a must see. But that’s just my humble opinion. There’s a long list of upcoming performances throughout the country so make sure to check it out!


Lebenshunger (Lust for Life), a piece by choreographer Wies Merkx, is going to premiere tonight at the Konstanz Theater in Germany. Besides my own composition that can be heard throughout the piece, there’re several very nice songs of the Dutch popband La Corneille  which makes a wonderful contrast altogether. Order you tickets here!


After a very inspiring creative journey with cast and crew we will premiere with BLISS by SHIFFT/Jasper van Luijk Tonight at Theater Kikker in Utrecht. For the complete tour list, ordering tickets and more info about the performance click here.


The music for the dance piece Happily Ever After by Jasper van Luijk is almost finished. Great team and cast! Coming soon to theaters across The Netherlands. Order your tickets here!


Today I joined a group of wonderful people during the kick-off of BLISS, the new dance production of choreographer Jasper van Luijk. I’m so looking forward to work as a composer and performer on this one! Coming to theaters all over the country starting this autumn.


Last august I worked together with choreographer Meta Rooding (In Motie – Utrecht) on a dance piece at a very nice location. Bunker 599 (also the name of the piece) is located near the picturesque city Culemborg (NL) and situated between an embankment, a beautiful lake, lots of grass, trees… and a highway. All accompanied with 5 beautiful dancers and my music! Still 6 performances to go this weekend, September 10th and 11th. Come by! Order your tickets here.


The last couple of weeks I’ve been busy working on the composition for the dance piece KRAAI (CROW) from Jasper van Luijk. Although  it will not premiere before March ’17, we already had a great try-out with a ‘test’ audience of 150 kids. Loco!


And here’s the piano version of my composition for the Yale Memorial Carillon. Enjoy!
When Leaves Kiss The Ground


Meanwhile I’m trying to master my own piece which is harder than I thought it would be. As soon as I’m able to play it I’ll record a piano version of it and put it online. Stay tuned!


I’ve finished my composition that I wrote for the 50th anniversary of the Yale Memorial Carillon at Yale University in New Haven (USA). I named it When Leaves Kiss the Ground and it will be performed together with 49 other compositions in June 2016. I’ll keep you posted!


Together with Bram Kuypers (visual artist) I’ve worked on a performance during the opening of his solo exhibition beyond the event horizon in Expo Plu, Nymegen which happens to be this evening at 8.00 PM! Keywords are soundscapes and boiling water. See you there!


A little while ago I’ve been invited by Yale University (USA) to write a composition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Yale Memorial Carillon, in June 2016 and they’ve given me carte blanche!
A total of 50 pieces will be written and lucky for me 49 other composers (among them is my dad!) will be joining me!


Today the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds foundation has granted me financial support which enables me to buy a new stage piano (from a Swedish manufacturer, for all you gearsluts out there).  I’m so happy and grateful!


I’m invited to play the church organ at the Arnhem Museum for Modern Art during the opening of a new exhibition on June 12. I’ll be playing two sets (about 20 minutes each) of improvised music at 8.30 PM and 9.30 PM. Because it’s by invitation only, I’ll see if I can record some stuff and put it online. My first organ concert… how exciting!


So far for Savages, at least for now!  We did some really great shows last weekend and had so many lovely comments on the piece. Job well done everyone!


The last couple of months were quite intense with composing and rehearsals for Savages from choreographer Jasper van Luijk but I’m happy to announce that tonight it will finally premiere in Korzo theater in The Hague during the opening of the CaDance festival! The premiere is already sold out but there are still a couple of tickets left for the shows on saturday 31.01.15 and sunday 01.02.15 so I’m hoping to see you there!


I’m busy composing a Piano sonata for Savages, the new dance piece made by Jasper van Luijk. Where do I get my inspiration from? Well, for starters, ‘Papa’ Haydn! Let’s roll!


Two years ago I composed the music for Previously Cited, a dance piece made by choreographer Jasper van Luijk. This season it will be performed across The Netherlands as part of DansClick, including Amsterdam, Arnhem, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Rotterdam. Check the link for all the upcoming performance dates!


Today I’m going to start working on a new dance piece with choreographer Jasper van Luijk for the 2015 CaDance festival in The Hague. Not only will I be working on the music composition but I’ll also perform it live together with drummer/percussionist Daan Crone. I’m thrilled!